Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Royalty for Mountaineering In Nepal

The Royalty fees that we need to pay for Mountaineering to Mt. Everest In Nepal. Below is the list of Fee Structure to be paid as Royalty to Nepal Government.


Royalty and Garbage deposit for Mt. Everest

Group Size
Single Person
2 person
3 person
4 person
5 person
7 person
Royalty US$ 25000/- US$ 40,000/- US$ 48,000/- US$ 56,000/- US$ 60,000/- US$ 66,000/- US$ 70,000/-
Garbage deposit (Refundable) US$ 4,000/- US$ 4,000/- US$ 4,000/- US$ 4,000/- US$ 4,000/- US$ 4,000/- US$ 4,000/-
Total US$ 29,000/- US$ 44,000/- US$ 52,000/- US$ 60,000/- US$ 64,000/- US$ 70,000/- US$ 74,000/-

Royally and Garbage deposit for other Expedition except Mt. Everest
Garbage deposit Refundable

1-7 Person

Addition charge Above

7 person

Peak above 8000m
US$ 10,000/-
US$ 1,500/-
US$ 3,000/-
7501-8000m Peaks
US$ 4,000/-
US$ 500/-
US$ 2,000/-
7001-7500m Peaks
US$ 3,000/-
US$ 400/-
US$ 2,000/-
6501-7000m Peaks
US$ 2,000/-
US$ 300/-
US$ 1,000 /-
Bellow 6501 m
US$ 1000/-
US$ 200/-
US$ 500/-


If there is any change in the royalty amount before receiving the
briefing from the Ministry even after one has already paid the
royalty under this Regulation, the mountaineering expedition
team shall pay the changed amount of the royalty.

Document for Expedition permit process

1. Name of the mountaineering expedition team:

2. Name list with passport details of expedition team:

3. Leader of the mountaineering expedition team:

4..Sponsor of the mountaineering expedition:

5. Purpose of the mountaineering expedition:

6. Name and height of the peak to be climbed:

7. Caravan route of the mountaineering expedition:

8. Time and duration of the mountaineering

9. Estimated expenditure and financial source

10.Other Necessary details: